Strejcova škola jazyků

Strejcova škola jazyků offers private lessons of Czech for foreigners under the leadership of professional teachers, who communicate in English and German. The hour and day of your lesson depends on personal arrangement. The teachers use various types of textbooks and you either get copies or buy your own book. Students usually take one or two 90 min. lessons a week, but there are other alternatives as well. The prices differ and depend mostly on the size of a group and amount of lessons paid. General rule: more hours a week - better price, more students in a group - lower price per person. Individual lesson for a single student (90 min.) costs 599.-, for 2 students 675.- (337.-/person), for 3 and more students 750.- (250.- and less per person). The payments are made in advance and the minimum amount of lessons to pay for is 10.
If you want to study other languages, you can. We also teach Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic. The prices are the same.
To arrange your lessons, please write to info@strejc.cz or call 603 552 595 (Adam Strejc)
You can also visit our website: www.strejc.cz
The address of the school is: Zbrojnická 1, Plzeň

Zbrojnická 1, Plzeň
výuka AJ, NJ, FJ, ŠJ, IJ, ČJ,
Portugalštiny, Řečtiny, Arabštiny, Hebrejštiny
603 552 595, 377 371 238

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