pilsen film club

From the group’s name this might sound bit massive but the truth is there’s no actual film club in our faculty. This is just a future "wannabe" project (if we can call it a project). The idea is to gather here and there (let’s say about once per two/three weeks) in some lecture hall in the faculty and have screenings there using their projectors. Film genres can be from motion pictures to indie documentaries. We came in contact with people from the faculty and they agreed that we can do that in the SAF building (czech lang. classes) as long as we get to set up specific dates and times that will suit both students and the faculty.

Through this group you can keep updated on the latest news and information regarding the club (such as dates, movie listing, changes in timetable etc.)

Thank you for your interest, we’ll get in touch as soon as we have more information on the project.

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