ISMAPs Tshirt

ISMAP in association with Charles univercity of Pilsen and retrofact store created the first Tshirt with the official logo of Charles univercity of Pilsen.
Now every one can get one using the colour of his choise and feel proud of his school or just have a memory of his time here

we worked with retrofact store and the reasult is a very nice Tshirt with the sewn logo on it as a sample but everyone has the oportunity to change the color the type of the Tshirt or the type of the logo.

The procedure to get one of those is easy....you only have to go to the retrofact store in namiesty republicy and place your order and pick your size.they are responsible to collect all the orders creat the Tshirts and then after a week or so you can go and get your Tshirt from the store..ISMAP allready payed for the creation of the logo so concerning the price the info that we have is that it will be from 250 to 300 kc and it depent on the size of the order.
If u cant go to the store you can also send mail to info@retrofact.cz with your name size colour of choise .But we belive is better to go there and personaly see the sizes and colours.
The lovely lady in the store will collect the orders in the store from tomorow until next friday when she will send the order to the factory and place the order and also fix a price for the Tshirts.
So please try to go to the store this or the next week.

we all hope you will like the project and enjoy
have a nice and successfull examination period
best regueard ISMAP


ISMAPs survival guide for internal medicine

ISMAP is proudly presenting
this manual is providing you with clinical practice guidelines,organised and easy to follow up tips that shall aid you in anamnesis,medical examination and doctor-patient communication.
we really hope that you will find it handy and it will make your practice more enjoyable.

ask your closest member of ISMAP to get your own book.