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As the month of December seemed to grow in length, so did our desire to return home to our families. December is the month of Christmas, when Christians all over the world join with their families to celebrate the birth of Jesus, who though born in a modest stable far removed in time and space from a modern maternity ward, became a king, though not in the world into which he hadbeen born. It was during this same month, in 2007, that through the efforts and dedication of a group of former students, physicians today, and senior students, International Student Medical Association in Plzen
- ISMAP had its own modest birth. Even though the founders provided for the representation of foreign students, it is the responsibility of each of us to build our own bridge
between ourselves and the university. We who have now been entrusted with the leadership of ISMAP, intend to not only do our best to fulfill the original goals of our organization, but
to also encourage better cultural understanding between the diverse body of foreign students and the people of the country in which we prepare ourselves to become doctors. It is our hope that by fostering better understanding between individuals from different cultures we can help to create a world without borders and open to peaceful co-existence. To this end we call upon our entire community-faculty and staff, workers and friends to dedicate themselves to creating those beneficial ties between foreign and domestic students. By leaning from one another, and by working in harmony, we can improve the quality of our scientific and academic work and further enhance the reputation and standing of our University

José Francisco Pavão, 4th year medical student
Vice President –ISMAP

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