Our blog

And so it begins…
Our journey begins here, with this project, OUR blog, YOUR blog.
The purpose of this blog is to perform the easiest and quickest “bridge” between Students and ISMAP.
It’s a bridge that runs both ways, we can post and you can post.
Each weak we shall make an “empty post” so you can comment with your questions, personal needs, doubts, posts that you may want to put in the blog, i.e., if you want to make a post yourself leave it as a comment and ask to put it in post form.The content of the blog is universal. Everything should be here, our aims, projects, collaborators and associates, either as a post or as a link.Study material should also be here directly or through a link.
The page also has a chat room, at least one of ISMAPs’ crew should be there to moderate and help with anything.This blog should be the easiest way to communicate freely and quickly with ISMAPs members

Sincerely yours

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