Reading club

This club is for all reading lovers who want to share their books, ideas and their passion. Being far from home makes access to books difficult so we thought we could share some of them with each other.
Join the reading club in facebook and send us and email with the title, author, language
and price of the books that you have and want to share with your colleagues. These books will be present on the reading club group and you will be able to lend books from the members of this club.
As long as you join this club you will have to accept the following rules:

1.each member is responsible for the books that he/she borrows and for his/her own books.

2.each person has to send and email with the books that he/she wants to share.

3.each member that borrows a book has to pay 100kc as a guarantee until he/she brings the books to its owner. If the book is not returned until the deadline (which is 45 days) the guarantee is kept for the owner of the book.

4.if a book is destroyed or lost it has to be paid (which means the price of the book).

5.all books have to be returned to their owner at the beginning of examination period
(31.5. 2010) or by arrangement of a returning day with the owner of the book.

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