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And so it begins…
Our journey begins here, with this project, OUR blog, YOUR blog.
The purpose of this blog is to perform the easiest and quickest “bridge” between Students and ISMAP.
It’s a bridge that runs both ways, we can post and you can post.
Each weak we shall make an “empty post” so you can comment with your questions, personal needs, doubts, posts that you may want to put in the blog, i.e., if you want to make a post yourself leave it as a comment and ask to put it in post form.The content of the blog is universal. Everything should be here, our aims, projects, collaborators and associates, either as a post or as a link.Study material should also be here directly or through a link.
The page also has a chat room, at least one of ISMAPs’ crew should be there to moderate and help with anything.This blog should be the easiest way to communicate freely and quickly with ISMAPs members

Sincerely yours

Salsa classes

As the majority of the international students are “Mediterranean”, here is something that almost everyone loves…SALSA !!!
So if you want to learn to dance Salsa here’s your chance.
“La Salsa, Kavarna & koktejl bar” is performing classes for beginners and advanced Students
Classes started this Monday, 22/3, and last for 6 weeks. There is a class each week that lasts 2 hours. You can take the class on Mondays or Wednesdays at 18:00 for beginners and 20:00 for advanced
The cost of this adventure is 3600Kc per couple or 2000kc per person.
So join up and DANCE !!!

Contact Latino Style Agency - Jana Kozlerová
Tel.: +420 604 758 511

Year representatives

Year representatives

Throughout the years our numbers have been growing and like this so has the difficulty in communicating with all students.
With this in mind, ISMAP along the years has created the year representatives. These people have the sole purpose to help bring you closer to us.
Year representatives are selected through voting, this method provides a healthy and clear choice/selection.
Unfortunately this mandate there was only one candidate per spot so the elections were ineffective and the candidates took office immediately.
The blog should make it easy for you to reach us, but lets face it, there are problems that are more personal and require a more personal approach.
That’s what they are here for, that’s what we are here for.
You are, probably, in more contact with your year representative that with us, so when you have a more personal and serious problem present it to them and they will personally bring it to us.

The year representatives are:

General Medicine:
1st year – George Gompos
2nd year – Maria Nunes da Silva
3rd year – Carolina Coelho
4th year – Patricia Pereira
5th year – Gonçalo Delgadinho
6th year – Ana Frazao

1st, 2nd, 3rd years – Sofia Kalatzi
4th, 5th year – George Giannoulis

We hope to help you as much as we can, as quickly as we can.

Thank You

Plzen panthers

Plzen panthers played there debut championship which was the 'bohemian cup 2010' in january,and were the champions beating ECP(english college prague) and brno.

the are currently playing the winter cricket league and are the semifinals which is supposed to be played on the 27th march saturday 2010.
the following website says its all. http://winterleague2010.webs.com/

"the summer league"which is played outdoors,starts in april is the next tournament on the plzen panthers agenda.

The plzen panthers playing first time ever have surprised every other well established teams playing the winters league for over 7 years now,by there sheer determination and abundant talent.
plzen panthers playing first time in this tournament are the first team to have beaten every other team in the winter league except for one team...the last 5 year champions PCC(prague cricket club).But that shackle might break very soon as plzen panthers will most likely play the PCC in the finals on the 27th of march 2010,which is in less than a week time.So lets keep our fingers crossed for the plzen panthers,and lets hope our boys beat PCC and bring the cup home.

team members ....

charitha udalamatta prabhuda
shreyas singh
haroon sheraz
mirza faizan ahmed
amar sundeep arjuna
bilal iqbal
scott page

Strejcova škola jazyků

Strejcova škola jazyků offers private lessons of Czech for foreigners under the leadership of professional teachers, who communicate in English and German. The hour and day of your lesson depends on personal arrangement. The teachers use various types of textbooks and you either get copies or buy your own book. Students usually take one or two 90 min. lessons a week, but there are other alternatives as well. The prices differ and depend mostly on the size of a group and amount of lessons paid. General rule: more hours a week - better price, more students in a group - lower price per person. Individual lesson for a single student (90 min.) costs 599.-, for 2 students 675.- (337.-/person), for 3 and more students 750.- (250.- and less per person). The payments are made in advance and the minimum amount of lessons to pay for is 10.
If you want to study other languages, you can. We also teach Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic. The prices are the same.
To arrange your lessons, please write to info@strejc.cz or call 603 552 595 (Adam Strejc)
You can also visit our website: www.strejc.cz
The address of the school is: Zbrojnická 1, Plzeň

Zbrojnická 1, Plzeň
výuka AJ, NJ, FJ, ŠJ, IJ, ČJ,
Portugalštiny, Řečtiny, Arabštiny, Hebrejštiny
603 552 595, 377 371 238

virtual tour in pilsen

If you can't see it in person, here's a techonogical view of our city...enjoy


Facultas Nostras

As the month of December seemed to grow in length, so did our desire to return home to our families. December is the month of Christmas, when Christians all over the world join with their families to celebrate the birth of Jesus, who though born in a modest stable far removed in time and space from a modern maternity ward, became a king, though not in the world into which he hadbeen born. It was during this same month, in 2007, that through the efforts and dedication of a group of former students, physicians today, and senior students, International Student Medical Association in Plzen
- ISMAP had its own modest birth. Even though the founders provided for the representation of foreign students, it is the responsibility of each of us to build our own bridge
between ourselves and the university. We who have now been entrusted with the leadership of ISMAP, intend to not only do our best to fulfill the original goals of our organization, but
to also encourage better cultural understanding between the diverse body of foreign students and the people of the country in which we prepare ourselves to become doctors. It is our hope that by fostering better understanding between individuals from different cultures we can help to create a world without borders and open to peaceful co-existence. To this end we call upon our entire community-faculty and staff, workers and friends to dedicate themselves to creating those beneficial ties between foreign and domestic students. By leaning from one another, and by working in harmony, we can improve the quality of our scientific and academic work and further enhance the reputation and standing of our University

José Francisco Pavão, 4th year medical student
Vice President –ISMAP


clothing drive

My dear colleagues and friends...

It is up to us, as future doctors, to help those in need, to aid those who cannot aid themselves...
And help them we can, my friends...With just little effort we can start changing lives...
Isn't that what we were born to do? What we are meant to do?
And so we ask you to join us in this small mission...It’s just a start but it makes a difference...

On behalf of the welfare sub-committee we would like to invite you to our clothing drive these two weekends, 27/3 - 28/3 and two weeks after -11/4, in SAF, czech bilding on the third floor.
Come and help us warm those in the cold.
A simple gesture, give the clothes you do not use or want, and help a person in need...

Thank you


As you all know we had our first official party as the new ismap "A Night with the Stars", and it was a major success. We had about 250 people and great music thanks to our two Dj's Petros and Hoe Town. Thank you to all the students that came and we hope you had a great time!

pilsen film club

From the group’s name this might sound bit massive but the truth is there’s no actual film club in our faculty. This is just a future "wannabe" project (if we can call it a project). The idea is to gather here and there (let’s say about once per two/three weeks) in some lecture hall in the faculty and have screenings there using their projectors. Film genres can be from motion pictures to indie documentaries. We came in contact with people from the faculty and they agreed that we can do that in the SAF building (czech lang. classes) as long as we get to set up specific dates and times that will suit both students and the faculty.

Through this group you can keep updated on the latest news and information regarding the club (such as dates, movie listing, changes in timetable etc.)

Thank you for your interest, we’ll get in touch as soon as we have more information on the project.

Reading club

This club is for all reading lovers who want to share their books, ideas and their passion. Being far from home makes access to books difficult so we thought we could share some of them with each other.
Join the reading club in facebook and send us and email with the title, author, language
and price of the books that you have and want to share with your colleagues. These books will be present on the reading club group and you will be able to lend books from the members of this club.
As long as you join this club you will have to accept the following rules:

1.each member is responsible for the books that he/she borrows and for his/her own books.

2.each person has to send and email with the books that he/she wants to share.

3.each member that borrows a book has to pay 100kc as a guarantee until he/she brings the books to its owner. If the book is not returned until the deadline (which is 45 days) the guarantee is kept for the owner of the book.

4.if a book is destroyed or lost it has to be paid (which means the price of the book).

5.all books have to be returned to their owner at the beginning of examination period
(31.5. 2010) or by arrangement of a returning day with the owner of the book.

room for renting in the center of pilsen

Sports Sub-Committee

Weekly schedule:















Who is ISMAP now ??

In the first semester of the academic year 2009-2010 ISMAP decided to do the first elections in history of the association. After a fair and clear election, with high percentage of participation and good hard competition between the parties, the new leadership of ISMAP is:

President: Matheos Kapiris

Vise Presidents:
Francisco Pavão
Helder Moreira
Duarte Rodrigues

Treasury: Achilleas Bekos
Secretary: Sheila Maugi

Heads of subcommitties:

Archives: Eleni Mitakidou
Sientific: Francisca Gama
Cultural: Thereza Meindl
Wellfare: Marta Vidigal
Sports: Miguel Rovisco
Media-Marketing: Arezo Mikaeili
Social Events: Sogoal Feizi

what is I.S.M.A.P.'s structure ???

Like every other association, ISMAP has a structure composed by president, vice-presidents, secretary and treasurer.

ISMAP is not only composed of leaders but also with hard workers who themselves are leaders.
Each of them have sub-committees with teams working alongside with them.
The sub-committees are as follows


What is I.S.M.A.P. ??

I.S.M.A.P. is the International Student Medical Association of Pilsen .

Almost 3 years ago a group of friends, concerned about their fellow students and their school, decided to create a hard working team with a sense of responsability to represent, help, support and honor the students of this university.
We will try to honor their great effort and become their legacy...