Academic Senate of Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen elections

On Tuesday and on Wednesday 7 and 8 Between 10 December 2010 - 14 pm there will be elections to the AS Medical Faculty in Pilsen.
ISMAPs cantidates for these elections are : Jan Hert (3rd year General Medicine) and Jose Francisco Correia de Lemos Pavao (5th year Genral Medicine)
We would like to ask the international students of this faculty to vote is these elections and help ISMAP and all the students to be represented in the academic senate.


  1. i heard about some other candidates besides the above two...

  2. Our intention was to call all students to go and vote and as it is writen above these are the two students that ISMAP suggests for candidates.There are more candidates and the information is in the official web site of the faculty .

  3. Elections will be held in the following buildings:(isic required)

    * FN Bory - II. Internal Medicine (Library - 2nd floor, room number 014)
    * Lochotin Hospital - Dental Clinic (Secretariat - Library, 7th floor-management clinics, the hall door number 7-934)
    * Pavlov Institute - Refectory Foyer
    * SAF Pavilion (first floor lobby - next to the buffet)
    * Track Boleveck√° (ground floor - foyer)

  4. but there are other students representing from the english course?