ISMAP - Surgery Wokshop

On 30th April the ISMAP organized its first workshop of surgery.
This event was possible not only by the motivation and commitment of its Organizing Committee but mainly by the availability, friendliness and attention of the Lochotin Hospital’s Department of Surgery.
It was a very full evening, which promoted the scientific and academic knowledge of the 30 students involved. The introduction came from Professor Jiris Valenta who with his high knowledge and experience, known by all, gave us an interesting and enjoyable journey through the History of Surgery, from the beginnings to modern times. Then it was up to Dr. Molacek, with his typical energy, to remember the basics of science and art of surgery, and at the end focused on the particle component, sutures and laparoscopic.

The afternoon was already halfway through when the class of 30 students was divided,half went to the seminar room of the Department assisted by Dr. Smid where the students practiced various types of sutures, which will be very useful in the early future. Meanwhile, in another room between fascination and enthusiasm, as if it was a video game for a child, the other half was focused to find the dimensions and coordinate their movements on the laparoscopy apparatus.

The night had already embraced the day when the workshop ended, I was sure of overall satisfaction of the participants, but was also sure to open the way for new events to take place. The ISMAP will certainly promote more initiatives and we expect the interest and participation of all students, but also the best interests of the Faculty and its Departments.

José Francisco Pavão
ISMAP Vice-President

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